Eggplant as a vegetable

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    References: It is a nightshade class of vegetable. What is nightshade vegetable? Reference 1 – Webmed ???????????????????? So why do people avoid them? Remember how nightshades contain small amounts of alkaloids? Alkaloids can be dangerous in large doses. … Continued

Humans and isolation

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Why building a community so critically important? From a man’s point of view. Almost half of Americans feel alone and isolated, according to a 2018 study by Cigna.  Though it may surprise many, the Cigna study suggests that the use of … Continued

Dr. Prasanta Misra Passed away

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Dr. Prasanta Misra Passed away We are saddened to announce that Dr. Prasanta Misra passed away January 27, 2021. He was 84 and is survived by his wife Swayamprava, two sons, and a daughter. He received  a Master’s degree in … Continued