Dr. Prasanta Misra Passed away

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Dr. Prasanta Misra Passed away

We are saddened to announce that Dr. Prasanta Misra passed away January 27, 2021. He was 84 and is survived by his wife Swayamprava, two sons, and a daughter.

He received  a Master’s degree in Physics from  a premier Ravenshaw College (now an University), Odisha, India before coming to USA.  He received his Ph. D. in Physics from Tuft University. He also taught Physics in Tufts University.

He had a very charming personality and was very helpful by nature. We will miss him very much.

We express our deep condolences for the family.

Services scheduled – Saturday January 30, 2021 4PM in Texas, USA



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  1. Dr. Devaraj Sahu

    Prof. Prasanta K. Misra: In Memoriam
    January 29, 2021

    I am deeply saddened to learn the passing of Prof. Prasanta K. Misra in Houston, TX. My heartfelt condolences to Madame Mrs. Swayamprava Misra and his children Bapu, Mimi, and Dipu and their families.

    Prof. Misra has left behind grieving family members, many students, friends, and countless admirers. He was kind, generous, extremely friendly, and always willing to help. I recall with profound admiration the many associations I had with him since 1974, when he joined the Berhampur University Physics Department as the professor of physics. I cannot repay my debt to him for hiring me as a lecturer in Physics in Berhampur University. I am extremely grateful to him for kindling in me the passion to go to USA for my Ph.D. in physics. He not only advised me in all stages of the application process but also on how to adjust in a foreign country socially and academically. The door to his office was always open, including faculty from the humanities. He had a hearty laugh with everyone when people joked that he was from Dhenkanal. He had no second thoughts on attending my wedding reception in 1978 and giving his blessings. He took extremely good care of visitors and dignitaries. When my Ph.D. advisor Prof. Subhendra D. Mahanti visited Berhampur from USA for a couple of months in 1980, he did all he could to make his stay enjoyable and productive.

    When I talked to him about a month ago, he was his usual jovial self. He was talking enthusiastically about the condensed matter physics books he had authored. I had no apprehension that he would leave us so soon.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Devaraj Sahu,
    North Potomac, Maryland.

  2. Dharitri Misra

    We are very sad to learn the passing of Dr. Prasant Misra. We have known Prasanta Babu and his wife Swayamprava for a long time, from our student days at Ravenshaw college, and through various family connections. We have visited them here in the USA when they were in Rhode Island and in Grand Junction, Colorado. Prasant Babu was a very kind and affectionate person, and automatically aroused respect. May God Bless his departed soul.
    Our condolences to Swayamprava and the grieving family.

    Dharitri and Prafulla Misra
    Potomac, Maryland

  3. Subhendra D Mahanti

    I heard about the passing away of Prof. Prasanta K Mishra from my friend Prof. Jena. I am really very sad but it brought back many good memories about him spanning the period of 1959-61 when I was a BSc student at Ravenshaw College and then from 1980 onwards when I got to know Prasanta babu very well.
    When we were students at Ravenshaw College, he was one of 4-5 young dynamic physics faculty. He didn’t teach me directly but we heard a lot about him, through the usual student talk.
    My interaction with Prasanta babu started in Jan 1980 during my Sabbatical visit to Berhampur University where he was a Professor and the Head of the department. I was there for about two months and those two months are perhaps the most exciting time I have spent in India research-wise during my many short visits to India from 1976-until 2020. Prasanta babu, his group of about ten students and I had great fun (intense discussions, working late night, arguing etc) working on many different physics problems. We wrote almost ten papers. The weekends were exciting with picnics and visiting places. Mrs. Mishra (Swyamprabha) was a great hostess. Ranu, I, and our two small children were completely taken care by Prof. and Mrs. Mishra. A couple of years later, Prasanta babu visited us at East Lansing for a few weeks; we were collaborating on some research project. Here in USA, we used to meet regularly during the annual meetings of American Physical Society and it was always exciting to talk to him.
    Life has to begin and end but the great memories remain. We will all miss Prasanta Babu.
    Ranu and I convey them our sincere condolences to Swyamprabha, the children and the grandchildren.

    Subhendra (Bhanu) D Mahanti
    East Lansing, Michigan

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