We are inviting our community members to utilize this opportunity to encourage forming groups to collaboratively develop projects and skills implement those. Each group can undertake one project with a group leader and we call that group a “maker group” the term customarily being used in the field of engineering.  Once a project is completed we will further support them in providing marketing, publishing, or furthering their skills for better and bigger projects. Below is a list of projects either in making or conceived for future.

For each project  (or make) we follow a consistent process that is the usual norm in the modern day innovative technologies.  Just as an example a multi-billion dollars technology investment company next door in the Maryland National Harbor area Local Motors follows a 7 step process;
Ideas, Brainstorming, Designs, Sparks, Projects, Challenges, How-tos.

We are trying to mimic this effective process for our “Make” methodology.

Embroidery and Monogramming:

We focused on a regular misuse and confusion in family bathroom, kitchen, and cleaning towels especially wash size (12″-15″) towels. As a test quality of our product we have already ordered production of the first set of wash towels which looks like this.

This first Odia monogrammed Wash Towel after Quality Check (QC) will be ready for sells in a few weeks.


Our second set of towels will carry the Odia lettering (or mix Odia English or just English):

We invite you to come work with us further lettering and making your own monogrammed or embroidery items of your choice.  If you already have an embroidery machine we can help you make your embroidery. It is a great personalized surprise gift for near dear once! How about a personalized pack or napkins for parents by a sibling!

The following are references for Greeting Cards:

(1) Embroidery

Leader – SNR