Through our knowledge, research, capabilities, and community interests we have developed a set of white papers that we can share with you for going further with you collaborating with us.  We are displaying these white papers in the “Lead Together” portfolio.  In other words we are inviting you to lead these white papers or you can also write and submit write papers for you leading with our collaboration.  In his page you can fill in the form below and we can take the dialogue to actionable items. The bottom line is let’s lead together by creating an atmosphere to co-lead.  At the end of the day let’s feel accomplished. The following white papers are will keep open until the developments (Concept Design, Concept Demonstration, Project Design, Prototype Design, and Prototype Testing are completed. We will, depending on the industry involvement, funding, and participation in the development, make up a plan for manufacturing, or decide to register a patents.

  • What RGB stands for the color space

    RGB stands for the color space


    Reference 2



  • Do you know? As of 2017, Smart (SamsungTVs) are not as smart as before

    Yes, it is right. The Samsung Smart TVs were allowing web browsing freely and fully using any URLs but not anymore. For example, if the URL of a site (like hyperlinks you to a video streaming site, such as the, it does not work.

  • White Paper – Drones

    White Paper – Drones

    The Drones or Unmanned Ariel Vehicles technology was researched by the United States of America Navy as a remotely controlled vehicle perfected when it was apparent that US’s symmetric war strategy would not work against asymmetric war of small and state-less terrorist wars in the late 20th century.

    The drone is ...