White Paper – Drones

White Paper – Drones

The Drones or Unmanned Ariel Vehicles technology was researched by the United States of America Navy as a remotely controlled vehicle perfected when it was apparent that US’s symmetric war strategy would not work against asymmetric war of small and state-less terrorist wars in the late 20th century.

The drone is a “male bee” that is the product of an unfertilized egg. Unlike the female worker bee, drones do not have stingers and do not gather nectar and pollen. A drone’s primary role is to mate with a fertile queen.”

Chinese UAVs developed by Beijing “UAV Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. (UAV Sci-Tech) and these UAVs include both fixed-wing and rotary-wing UAVs.”

An Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a type of aircraft which has no onboard crew or passengers. UAVs include both autonomous drones and remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs). A UAV is capable of controlled, sustained level flight and is powered by a jet, reciprocating, or electric engine. In the 21st century, technology reached a point of sophistication that the UAV is now being given a greatly expanded role in many areas of aviation.  A UAV differs from a cruise missile in that a UAV is intended to be recovered after its mission, while a cruise missile impacts its target. A military UAV may carry and fire munitions on board, while a cruise missile is a munition.  An example of a drone flying in the Hyderabad sky can be seen here.

The first drones purchased by Indian Army were from Israel and first deployment was in Odisha to control Naxalites.

We (at Odishagateway.org) had given a seminar at Vivekananda institute in 1990-91 on the subject but unfortunately could not substantiate for a major role in our society.

The technology in the 21st century has tremendously expanded to commercial used in many industries starting from movie making to other entertainment industries and food delivery at your doorstep.  The sizes vary from a small bee to watch through a small camera to a Boeing 747 delivering large load of supplies in the remote un-accessible rural areas.

The imagination in the applications is just beginning to grow, our other plans in Odisha (engineering skill development, film industry, small business innovation, etc.) development plan for the society, it is “not” a very expensive industry, and we have engineering college and universities with enormous brain power to leverage on.  The associated industries are Robotics, 3D printing and prototyping, small scale production, and Virtual Reality to name a few.

We at the Odishagateway.org have all the ingredients to support Education, industries, and Odisha government and the Political machines (we are currently advising the Stat of Maryland in the future legislation for drones). We also have access to parallel industries, management and advisory arms in USA to collaborate.  Our interaction with Odisha has been there for 45+ years in different ways.

What can drones do? (from a 2014 document)

Eyes in the Sky

Commercial drones have become a popular way for people to engage in aerial or extreme photography. Being able to attach a digital camera to a quadcopter has enabled professionals and hobbyists alike to capture unique scenes from the sky. Whether you’re interested in recording high-definition aerial footage, or you just want to experiment with capturing high-flying views, here are some of the coolest camera-carrying drones available on the market.


In Japan, helicopter-style drones designed by the Yamaha Motor Company have been reducing labor and operational costs on farms since the early 1990s. The radio-controlled RMAX drones are used to spray crops with fertilizers and pesticides, giving farmers a more affordable alternative to using traditional airplanes. The unmanned flyers are efficient workers, and since they can hover low to the ground, the drones are able to carry out more precise work, company officials have said. In recent years, Yamaha’s RMAX drones have also been used on farms in South Korea and Australia.


What would Indiana Jones think? A team of archaeologists uncovered structures thought to be from an ancient Native American village in New Mexico using drones equipped with heat-sensing cameras. The thermal images enabled the researchers to see beneath the desert floor, which helped them locate the buried structures.

also one can work on Humanitarian Work, Expanding Internet Access, Delivering Food, Media Entertainment etc.

What can Odishagateway.org do to help?

  • Business help specifically collaborating with educational institutions, industries, and policy makers & administrators
  • Classroom/Remote teaching and training
  • Prototyping, Manufacturing, and operator training (flight)
  • Import/Export

What has Odishagateway done with India

  • Seminars in universities

Odishagateway hands-on-experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Remote Sensing (US government Dept. of Defense)
  • War-field deployment
  • Flight Training
  • Advisory role and Maryland State legislative support for Drones regulation

Indian Department of Defense bought first fleet of Drones from Israel.  First deployment was made in Odisha for Naxalites.

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