Dr. Duryodhan Mangaraj Passed away

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Prof. Duryodhan Mangaraj Passed away

We are saddened to announce that Prof. Duryodhan Mangaraj passed away February 13, 2022. He was 9x and is survived by his wife Shakuntala, two sons (Lahari and Rajeev), a daughter (Sagarika), and grandchildren (XXXX).

He received a master’s degree in Chemistry from a premier institute, Ravenshaw College (now a university), Odisha, India before coming to USA.  He received his Ph. D. in Chemistry from Tuft University. He also taught Chemistry in IIT, Kharagpur.

His services to the Odia community in India, and Orissa Society of Americas (OSA) was mentionable. He was the first Chairman of the Election Board of OSA.

Waiting for more info.

He had a very charming personality and was very helpful by nature. We will miss him very much.

We express our deep condolences for the family.

Funeral Service scheduled – Wednesday February 16, 2022, 3-7 pm at
New comers funeral home
10051-Brewster lane, Powell Ohio 43065, USA

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  1. Jatindra Kanungo

    I was one of his students at IIT Kharagpur and had the opportunity to meet him several times in the US. He was a very helpful, quiet, and unassuming person. What attracted me most was his gentle smile. We will miss him.

  2. Jolly

    Funeral wed 16th 2022
    Time 3-7pm
    New comers funeral home –
    10051-Brewster lane Powell ohio 43065

    They have two daughters Phenu ( older) Lahari( lori younger).

    Mangrajbabu, was like a father to me as my dad and him were best friends from IIT days. We remember him fondly, of a very loving and kind soul. He made ordinary situations funny and filled us with laughter. We called him the “absent minded professor” as he would forget directions and get lost. One occasion I remember when I was at their home, he had to make multiple trips to the grocery store as he would forget to get something…

    We will miss him terribly! Our condolences to the family.

    God bless
    Jolly Sinha & Asish Pradhan.
    Brentwood TN.

  3. Dibakar Panigrahi

    Mangaraj babu was a good friend for almost 50years. I came to know him in the US. He was a decent, honest, humble and caring person! I will miss him very much. His passing away is a big loss to the Oriya community. My condolences to his family. I pray that his soul rest in peace.

  4. Prof. G.B.Behera presntly at Sanjoze, california

    Prof.Mangaraj was my teacher at Ravenshaw college ( now university) during my post graduate class. He was referred to as abse t minded professor. Many funny mome ts cometomy mind. I pray the Almighty for AmarAtma to rest in peace. May his family members trod in the path arved by him.

  5. Professor Swoyam Prakash Rout

    Dr. Duryodhan Mangaraj was an academician par excellence in his native country and USA. He did a lot of research in Polymer Chemistry after completing his PhD in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Manchester,UK. He was in Ravenshaw College and later moved to USA.He was a devoted research worker and did outstanding research. On his passing away we have lost a great Scientist. On his passing away we have lost a great soul. Prayers to Lord Jagannath for his Sadgati. RIP.

  6. Anadi Naikwww.anadinaik.com

    Duryodhanbabu was a nephew of Jadumani Mangaraj, a colorful political figure, a brilliant orator and a Deputy Speaker of Odisha Assembly. At different occasions I had talked to him about his uncle. We had good laugh. Mangarajbabu regularly used to attend OSA conventions. Among Odias, he was an old timer. His passing creates a void in our community. Carroll and I send our heartfelt condolence to his family and friends We pray for the departed to rest in peace.
    Anadi Naik

  7. Saiyed Burhan Qaderi

    I was saddened to learn the sad demise of my professor Dr. D. Mangaraj at IIT, Kharagpur. On his advice, I switched to polymer science and technology from synthetic drugs and fine chemicals. Little did I know then that he got me in into a field of far greater significance than the latter. He has an uncanny ability to bring the best in his students, by instilling confidence in them through his solid background in polymer science and quiet demeanor. In a sense, he was teacher’s teacher- touching the lives of many in a positive constructive way. Later on he guided me to advance my career in that field both in India and USA. My modest success (and that of others) in this field is a testimony I owe him an immense sense of gratitude.

    It was my good fortune that he received me with his family in his house in the fall of 2019 in Ohio. Unfortunately, I could not follow up with another trip, and now he left us for a loftier place in heaven.

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