We have been very lucky to get a lot of attention from our fellow community folks collaborating with us to provide quality sustainable community services, that reflects our Odia culture. At the top of our services is our dedication to the Odia community, and willingness to share our values. The prize is, the feeling that we have successfully internalized those 46+ years of community service experience and we would like to move forward together.  What a lonely website, without you!

Note: The flower insert above – Night Queen, which is the most romantic and aromatic scented flower on the earth with a nocturnal habit, shows up at 10 PM and gone forever by mid-night. It is now in Dr. S.N. Ray’s sun room and is about 16 ft. high.

Your help is needed now!

We have some products — 3D Printed, Greeting Cards, Monogrammed/Embroidery wash towels with Odia lettering, plants (curry, flower etc.), and local honey, etc. — that we want to share with you as a little gift of our appreciation. Please fill out the pledge form below to show your level of interest and suggestions how can we improve our effort.

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