We are inviting our community members to utilize this opportunity to encourage forming groups to collaboratively develop projects and skills implement those. Each group can undertake one project with a group leader and we call that group a “maker group” the term customarily being used in the field of engineering.  Once a project is completed we will further support them in providing marketing, publishing, or furthering their skills for better and bigger projects. Below is a list of projects either in making or conceived for future.
For each project (or make) we follow a consistent process that is the usual norm in the modern day innovative technologies. Just as an example a multi-billion dollars technology investment company next door in the Maryland National Harbor area Local Motors follows a 7 step process;
Ideas, Brainstorming, Designs, Sparks, Projects, Challenges, How-tos.

We are trying to mimic this effective process for our “Make” methodology.

Dryer Vent Exhaust Hood:

All of us have kitchen vents with their discharge heads outside the house. The heads keep the pipes free from rain and debris getting into the pipes and sucked in during colder drafts sucking in the undesirable debris.  In winter it is worst because it sucks in the cold draft into the house and one can easily feel the cold draft in the kitchen area.  We have researched the available outside vent heads and innovative ideas needed to mitigate the draft.  We intend to launch a workshop to innovate, design, develop, and engineer a product for commercialization.  There is “lower age limit” of 13 years for tool safety reasons. Younger kids can attend this for fun but will not be allowed to use the tools. This research is valid for any vent per say which is vertical mount. had already reviewed what is available commercially  (CLICK HERE) that we want to improve on.   and Adults Research and Development (R&D)  and prototyping and looking to mature those in near future.

Leader – SNR