Eggplant as a vegetable

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    References: It is a nightshade class of vegetable. What is nightshade vegetable? Reference 1 – Webmed ???????????????????? So why do people avoid them? Remember how nightshades contain small amounts of alkaloids? Alkaloids can be dangerous in large doses. … Continued

Malabar Spinach Gardening and Recipes

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Poi (in Odia) is also known as Basella alba is usually referred to as the “spinach” equivalent of a certain country in English, even though it is not related to the true spinach (Spinacia oleracea). Examples include “Malabar spinach”, “Ceylon spinach”, … Continued

Home Gardner Sprinkler System

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There is a lot of family fun (age 1-100+) using an inexpensive (suits any pocket)garden sprinkler/dripper system.  We use  it for an area of 6,000+ sq. ft. lawn/garden area covering may be 400+ linear feet. What’s the difference between sprinkler … Continued

Shipping live plants

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How to prepare curry plants for shipping Plant sharing among families and friends (especially with large demographic changes in a short time in USA, about 20 years, which amounts to be a large population geographically dispersed and our community living … Continued


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Home Gardening in Washington DC netro Area  S.N. Ray Basics Home gardening is an intoxicating hobby. What kind of garden, flower or vegetable or any mix of these, one wants to accomplish is purely a personal choice. In 1973 as … Continued