Eggplant as a vegetable

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    References: It is a nightshade class of vegetable. What is nightshade vegetable? Reference 1 – Webmed ???????????????????? So why do people avoid them? Remember how nightshades contain small amounts of alkaloids? Alkaloids can be dangerous in large doses. … Continued

One in five deaths tied to poor diet

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Millions of people are dying around the world from poor diets, often packed with sodium and lacking in whole grains and fruits, according to a  study published April 3, 2019, Wednesday (Reference 2). Reference 1 Reference 2    

Workshop on Diabetes

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A great Workshop Post attention getter by doctors on Health Maintenance Topic CLICK HERE Invite Dr.Ajit Das. FAQs on diabetes from Dr. Ajit Das. Q1.  What is diabetics A1.  Diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose or blood sugar … Continued

Is drinking coffee right for you?

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Wake up and smell one of the favorite antioxidants (good news!) If you think your morning cup of coffee provides nothing more than a jolt of caffeine, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that it provides some health benefits … Continued

Broccoli Taste & Health

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Servings of Broccoli everyday help prevent many diseases.  A Washington Post article by Curtland Milloy has a nice description of a person’s appetite (mixed feeling of like or dislike) towards this vegetable. US President George Bush senior hates it. Its … Continued

Olive Oil

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Expiry Date of Olive Oil S.N. Ray The most beneficial life of olive oil is two (2) years from the processing date.  Alternatively the date shown on the oil container may be referred to as “expire”, “use by”, “sell by”, … Continued