Risk of Cholesterol-lowering drugs

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Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs Dr. Nrusingha Mishra Millions of more Americans could end up taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs under new recommendations released November 2013 that advocate a dramatic shift in the way doctors assess and treat cardiovascular risk. Just as any … Continued

Toxic Arsenic in Rice

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Toxic Arsenic in Rice S.N. Ray Eat less Rice to avoid Arsenic intake S.N. Ray Rice is a staple food for most of the world population. For most of the Odisha population it is the major staple intake. Inherently rice … Continued

Olive Oil

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Expiry Date of Olive Oil S.N. Ray The most beneficial life of olive oil is two (2) years from the processing date.  Alternatively the date shown on the oil container may be referred to as “expire”, “use by”, “sell by”, … Continued