Toxic Arsenic in Rice

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Toxic Arsenic in Rice

S.N. Ray

Eat less Rice to avoid Arsenic intake S.N. Ray Rice is a staple food for most of the world population. For most of the Odisha population it is the major staple intake. Inherently rice is a preferable shelter to “in organic” form of Arsenic, a toxin known to cause bladder, lung, and skin cancers. Trace amounts of this toxin can also be present in other foods and water containing traces of it. Arsenic is naturally present in soil and cannot be avoided all together whether or not grown organically.

Research results published by US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and the US Consumer Reports suggest that steps should be taken to minimize use of rice and rice products. Consumer Reports suggests avoiding rice drinks for children under 5. It also suggests a child should be limited to eating a quarter cup equivalent of uncooked rice (white or brown) and an adult to eating twice as much per week. Major research on this subject is underway. Tags: Arsenic, Rice, Toxin, Water, Organic, Staple, FDA, Drink OG_Ref_7, Full Paper


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