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Servings of Broccoli everyday help prevent many diseases.  A Washington Post article by Curtland Milloy has a nice description of a person’s appetite (mixed feeling of like or dislike) towards this vegetable. US President George Bush senior hates it. Its hatred is due to presence of sulfur in it.  The conclusion of his article is following:

“A recent study by published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that more vegetables were consumed when they were labeled with “indulgent descriptions that are usually reserved for more decadent foods.” The labeling included words such as “dynamite,” “caramelized” and “sweet sizzling.”  In the same Washington Post article there was a Blog comment:

Brother Milloy: an interesting spin this week on healthcare and the Republican dream of repealing the ACA that will absolutely turn into a nightmare for millions of Americans, many of which are women, children, and seniors. Much of White America knows that the Republicans do not care about Black & Brown folks so the moves to dismantle many of the Obama administration’s policies is no surprise. But wait until they hear and see how these changes the Republicans are ushering in will impact them; talk about shock & awe! You are right to encourage your readers to fortify their health status with any strategy or technique that might bolster an otherwise vulnerable human organism. Eating vegetables, including broccoli, is a good start but hardly sufficient. Good nutrition is essential, but so is rest, exercise, reducing stress, stopping smoking, reducing excess alcohol consumption, managing obesity and weight control, and a positive outlook on life. All of the cruciferous veggies in the world with fiber, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, calcium, iron, etc. won’t do much good if men & women are still puffing on a cigarette, living sedentary lives, or drinking a six pack 3 times per week.
And by the way, young people develop some interesting coping strategies when they are kids. But, I am often fond of asking my patients is they have to continue to relate to adult-like situations in child-like ways? What worked at 12 might have been functional at your dinner table, but it is ultimately self destructive. Grown folks should know better so start eating lots of broccoli (steamed or raw-I like both), and get past that childhood aversion to things that are good for you. Try it with just a little salad dressing without cooking all of the nutrients out of it. Either way, get used to it cuz Trump and his elitist band of Republicans ain’t going nowhere for a while and like most Americans, you’ll need all of the health fortification you can stand.

Dr. T Parham
Irvine, CA

I commented the following in the same blog:

My experienced comment was similar to Molloy, Make a promotional AD:
The JAMA study appropriately concludes that a positive “label” makes the food very attractive. From my experience I can confirm the statement. In my community (Indian) a few mothers had been complaining that their children never eat fruits. One day in a party I prepared a dish of (large nice decorative plate) cut up fresh fruits making into small pieces, with a combination of orange, mango, apple (red and green), banana, strawberry and avocado, and put in front of a crowd of children. In no time the plate of fruit was consumed and a small child started complaining to me that the big guys finished it all. That’s it.


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