Climate Change (add the 11th Avatar) ??

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The 11th Avatar is after the Dasa Avatar   There isa Budget picture for Global warning Add it here (in Media Library)

What is sex and what is not

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By Bill Clinton Donald Trump NY Governor Cuomo          

Contrasts of Blue and Polluted skies of India

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See the contrast here

Odisha Gateway calling for 2020 Workshops (OG) has set up workshops for the local Odia community in the past for co-working. In past 50 years Washington DC metro area has been the center of Odia cultures of different types. Its inhabitants, because of different reasons … Continued

Queen of the night – in Sukanti Garden

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Why on the Bread content labelling total % may not add to 100

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In case of bread, as in many other cases, the contents %s may not add up to 100. One may see contents being mentioned in decreasing order of ingredients. The difference is due to insignificant -ve health effect of the … Continued

Odia Fonts testing (2D & 3D)

Odishagateway technical folks have tested Odia fonts (both 2-D and 3-D) for past several years. Their Odia 3-D fonts were tested for the 3-D machines for the first of its kind. Normally MS fonts were adapted on 3D machines in … Continued

Herb – Puruni-saga

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Puruni-sag (Purslane, Indian Parselane, Botanical Name: xxx) XXXXX


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ffff This 3D Printed Electric Car Will Enter Production This Year Cars have gone from “get me from point A to point B by burning gas” mode of transportation to a dream project for innovative techies. Cars can now run … Continued