Odia Fonts testing (2D & 3D)

Odishagateway technical folks have tested Odia fonts (both 2-D and 3-D) for past several years. Their Odia 3-D fonts were tested for the 3-D machines for the first of its kind. Normally MS fonts were adapted on 3D machines in 2010-11 time frame but all 3D fonts were not successful except a few languages, which were mostly western types and a few Asian languages.  The problem was stretching he 2D to 3D. We were successful by direct R&D  interaction with world-wide 3D community.

For 2D fonts we are providing more details here. We have successfully tried (using both Window 7 and 10 that following works for both.


We present some Odia fonts we tested and it works.

??????? ???????

???? ???? ????

Cost for producing 3D models in India:

Reference 1

Eiffel tower 3D Engineering Cost: I believe it was $1.5 M (more data needed)

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3


Importance of 3D digital Scanning for replicas

Reference Wiki

Konark Temple

Reference Wiki

Another Reference (2) of Konark Temple







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