Shipping live plants

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How to prepare curry plants for shipping

Plant sharing among families and friends (especially with large demographic changes in a short time in USA, about 20 years, which amounts to be a large population geographically dispersed and our community living culture) become an impulsive love affair. Shipping plants across the country is fairly easy to do, but the best way is to choose the fastest method for your plant to travel in a “lonely environment.”  Also check to see if it is legal to ship to the jurisdiction you have in mind; some areas have laws and limitations. Knowing how to ship plants and the best way to box them up for a trading experience will enrich you and the receiver at the end of the line.

Guidelines (4) for shipping by mail:

  • Preparing the plant for delivery:
  • Packing the plant
  • Labeling and choosing a shipping company
  • Speed delivery

After you receive

If it is in original fully established pot just open up wraps and let it be in room temperature for a couple of days to acclimatize and use the leaves. Any questions? Please comment.


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