Addressing family relations of Odias

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Odisha is a state in the east coast of India and is at the cross division of South and North of the country. People in the state speak an Indian language , Odia and inhabitants are known as Odias. Inter racial marriages are in par with any other cultural groups of Indians in USA or Canada. The population Indian society is collectivistic and promotes social cohesion and interdependence. The majority of Odias came to the North America in 1990’s. Indians were well educated before coming here, or came to fill the graduate school needs. The IT need explosion in America made it a comfortable situation and mutually admiring social situation.

Majority of Odias are Hindus, and more or lass follow the pattern of family hierarchy in addressing the siblings and seniors. For simplicity, we have adapted an Excel sheet template, “Family Tree generator” and filled in a three generation family tree for demo purposes.  We should be able to pull in data from your family to create a “Family Tree” that you could use for yourself.

That can be a lot of fun for school/college or any adult with some experience in Excel make a table for yourself.

A cultural Atlas for Indian Culture in general is shown in the following reference.


The traditional Indian joint family, which follows the same principles of collectivism, has proved itself to be an excellent resource for the care of the mentally ill. However, the society is changing with one of the most significant alterations being the disintegration of the joint family and the rise of nuclear and extended family system. Although even in today’s changed scenario, the family forms a resource for mental health that the country cannot neglect, yet utilization of family in management of mental disorders is minimal. Family focused psychotherapeutic interventions might be the right tool for greater involvement of families in management of their mentally ill and it may pave the path for a deeper community focused treatment in mental disorders. This paper elaborates the features of Indian family systems in the light of the Asian collectivistic culture that are pertinent in psychotherapy. Authors evaluate the scope and effectiveness of family focused.

Here is a sample-

My Family – how to address each other in Odia Family V2



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