Dr. Priyatama Deo passed away

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We are deeply saddened by the news of Dr. Priyatama Deo (ex principal of Ravesnaw College Principal)’s death on Jan. 15, 2017 who had dedicated her whole life for the cause of higher education. She had a charming personality. She had donated her body for medical research.

(communicated by Brahmananda Mohanty, Odisha)

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  1. Purusottam Jena

    I am very saddened to hear the passing of Dr. Priyatama Deo who I used to call “Pechi apa”. I have many fond memories of he,r both while at Ravenshaw college and while we were both studying in USA. Her undying love for Physics and her deep devotion to her friends will always remain fresh in my mind and I miss her. May her soul rest in peace in the Heaven,


  2. Sandip K. Dasverma

    Dear all: Priyatama was our classmate. I probably talked to her only once due to the social norms in 1957-1961, when we were in Ravenshaw college. She accomplished a lot in her life as an educator and academician. Being the 1st Lady Principal of Ravenshaw college, our Alma Mater. The most impressive action by her is donation of her body for medical research. The 1st I know in Odisha, who donated his body, is another classmate of mine, Sakyasingha Mohapatra, a Civil Engineer. These are pioneers and thought leaders. I am impressed by their action and thoughts. Dr. Priyatama Deo is probably the 1st woman doing so. She comes from a distinguished family of educators, including her elder brother Dr. Bibhuti Deo. May her soul, Rest in Peace.

  3. Nrusingha C Mishra

    As a student of Ravenshaw College in the years 1972-1978, I was deeply touched by Prof Priyatama Deo for her unconditional love for her students. She was an example for all the Professors in The Ravenshaw College. Her commitment to teaching and high expectations from her students is very rare in today’s world. Her passing away news cast a dark shadow of sadness inside me. May the fond memories of her inspire everybody in her circle and outside. Dr. Nrusingha C. Mishra, Germantown, Maryland, USA

  4. Professor Swoyam Prakash Rout

    Dr.Priyatama Deo was an outstanding teacher of Physics in Ravenshaw College.I was a colleague of her while at Ravenhaw College. A wonderful and affectinate person to be remembered for ever. After completing her PhD from Case Western Reserve aUniversity in US she joined Ravenhaw College and continued there till her retirement as Principal.
    May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  5. subhas mohapatra

    I kne Priyatama personally and saw myself her charming disposition and instant wit. She not only was very friendly but was also very caring nd compassionnate for her friends. I am glad she has gone to a place where her soul will rest in peace and with dignity

  6. Tarakeshwar

    Dr. Deo taught Physics Labs when I was enrolled in the +2 Sc curriculum in 1989-1991. The woman was simply a terror to be around. She was condescending, patronizing, short tempered, nasty and extremely arrogant. Several of us felt uncomfortable around her, and I personally would not even submit my assignments, in fear of her scourging comments. She even told me once, if my Dad “could afford getting a tutor for me” I think a lot of her frustration came from the fact, that after obtaining her Phd in Experimental Physics from Case Western, she wanted to stay back in the U.S. but could not. She could have contributed way more to the cause of science, had she remained in the United States and become a faculty at a major research institute. I just feel this was a person not happy with her life. I did meet her before my departure to the U.S and she was nice and encouraging.

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