• Contrasts of Blue and Polluted skies of India

    See the contrast here

  • Odisha Gateway calling for 2020 Workshops

    Odishagateway.org (OG) has set up workshops for the local Odia community in the past for co-working. In past 50 years Washington DC metro area has been the center of Odia cultures of different types. Its inhabitants, because of different reasons and opportunities, have been the center of many aspects of our community life. We had ...

  • Queen of the night – in Sukanti Garden
    Queen of the night - in Sukanti Garden
  • Why on the Bread content labelling total % may not add to 100

    In case of bread, as in many other cases, the contents %s may not add up to 100. One may see contents being mentioned in decreasing order of ingredients. The difference is due to insignificant -ve health effect of the remaining ingredients.  In case of  “Bread,” USDA conducts research on all “ingredients and contaminations” ...

  • Odia Fonts testing (2D & 3D)

    Odishagateway technical folks have tested Odia fonts (both 2-D and 3-D) for past several years. Their Odia 3-D fonts were tested for the 3-D machines for the first of its kind. Normally MS fonts were adapted on 3D machines in 2010-11 time frame but all 3D fonts were not successful except a few languages, which ...

  • Herb – Puruni-saga

    Puruni-sag (Purslane, Indian Parselane, Botanical Name: xxx) XXXXX



    This 3D Printed Electric Car Will Enter Production This Year

    Cars have gone from “get me from point A to point B by burning gas” mode of transportation to a dream project for innovative techies. Cars can now run on electricity, be summoned by smartphone apps in cities all over the world, and are being ...

  • Testing DrSNRay Post here

    My First Day of School Testing

    Test Above & keep reading.


  • A bad grinding sound coming from garbage disposal?

    I was scared by a bad grinding sound coming from my relatively new garbage disposal. I called the manufacturer, Emerson Electric Company. They assured me that rarely they find a manufacturing defect in the garbage disposal (https://www.insinkerator.com).They suggested calling their local authorized service folks (MrAppliance.com/Germantown-md. The service guy (Prasantha A. Wanigatunde) came and took some ...