• Climate Change (add the 11th Avatar) ??

    The 11th Avatar is after the Dasa Avatar


    There isa Budget picture for Global warning Add it here (in Media Library)

  • Cardboard Cafe in Mumbai

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  • Invisible Structures for Water retainment

    A&S Consultants are the sole distributers of the Individual Structures in India.

  • Do not replace, rejuvenate a laser printer paper roller

    I had bought a DELL 1100 Laser Printer in 1989 (28 years back), the first wave of  laser printers. For the first time I had to replace the paper roller. The symptom was paper jamming. Usually it means the pickup roller is slipping.

    From my childhood I usually do not through anything that can enjoy a second ...

  • Heat Wave in Odisha
    Protect yourself from heat wave in Odisha

    S.N. Ray

    In Bhubaneswar heat wave temperature record was broken (47.6 degrees) in June 2012 and 131 people died just in two days of June. Warning signs of heat wave may include the high body temperature, appearance of red hot and dry skin rapid, strong pulse, headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion, and loss of consciousness.