Do not replace, rejuvenate a laser printer paper roller

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I had bought a DELL 1100 Laser Printer in 1989 (28 years back), the first wave of  laser printers. For the first time I had to replace the paper roller. The symptom was paper jamming. Usually it means the pickup roller is slipping.

From my childhood I usually do not through anything that can enjoy a second life. Fixing it until it dies is my habit. Then I saw how to rejuvenate/do not throw  article.

One can fix it in a few minutes   it in a few minutes by coating the roller to make it like new again! No need to replace the rubber roller! I show how to make any printer pick up paper like it was brand new! Wow, eh?

For links for WHERE TO GET the rubber roller rejuvenator, visit my web page: One can see I have no connection with the company that makes this product. I simply bought it, used it and it works great, so I’m sharing the good news!

Hand feeding paper into a printer and clearing paper jams sure gets old fast. Now I am experiencing temporary happiness. I found a product that has made my printer pick up paper again! No more misfeeds! I was so tired of paper starting to feed and then jamming I can’t describe it. This video (Click on “See How” below) shows how to rejuvenate the rubber roller(s) that grab the paper and feed it in. True happiness awaits you, too.

A product that works. Isn’t that cool?

See How


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