• Democracy edge being tested live

    It is a new day and new era in testing the limit of presidential power in American History. Never have felt it this way. The whole country is active, calm, and unsure of the end of the election.



  • Cardboard Cafe in Mumbai

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  • Our Workshop Product T-shirts

    This is a sample of our T-shirts designed, produced, and sold on our site. We are always looking for ideas to show up our talent and enrich our Odia community.

  • Creating a short Odia theme music

    A “Theme Music” is also known as “Signature music” . This is meant for Odissa Society of Americas (OSA 50th anniversary) to be held in the Atlantic City Harrah’s (casino) Hotel.  We are calling for a Workshop to create a theme music for this grand event, the largest ever ensemble of  Odias ...

  • Odia Pitha Competition in OSA 50

    Who were volunteers of OSA Convention 50 Pitha Competition?

    Event Details:
    The competition will be held on the 4th Of July evening. Details of the location and other logistics will be shared soon.

    Event Volunteers:
    Mohasweta Barik – (CT)
    Jayasmita Mishra – (CT)
    Sasmita Satpathy – (CT)
    Shelly Das – (CT)
    Bijoylaxmi Rana ...

  • Speech Synthesis Make

    The hackers are the winners today. Consider Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and even IBM, they continuously are after the small and smart guys (or companies) to make their money.  In the 21st century the large technology companies size down space wise and payroll wise but co-invest with small guys to earn big money. As a result ...

  • Greeting Cards Make


    Together, we continue to encourage community involvement in our skill enhancement projects. This call focuses on designing greeting cards for different occasions, such as for Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, even for “Thank you” etc., personalized by maker’s imagination.  The purpose is to promote art skill and leadership among children in a community. We are soliciting 7-12 ...