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Together, we continue to encourage community involvement in our skill enhancement projects. This call focuses on designing greeting cards for different occasions, such as for Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, even for “Thank you” etc., personalized by maker’s imagination.  The purpose is to promote art skill and leadership among children in a community. We are soliciting 7-12 year olds as they are learning drawing, painting, and designing such cards in their school curriculum. For this purpose, we are soliciting their participation by joining us in a “Greeting Card design contest” during the month of April 2017. Parents are requested to e-mail about their children’s interest to participate in writing to J. G. Mohanty (JGM) at

Parents are requested to send an e-mail (to the leader of the project (JGM) of the (1) intent, (2) name of the participating child, (3) declaration of the age of the child.  There will  be an evaluation group (judges), not related to the participants.  The participants are free to pick of a theme of their focus and encouraged to come up with any concept or imaginative drawing, scripting, or lettering that they think to reflect the “Theme.”  The judges will give proper consideration of the age, artistic presentation, subject matter (with an indirect Odia culture embedded), and creativity factors to evaluate the competitors’ rendering of the submission.  They will also judge the acceptable minimum qualification criteria of the offering.

There will be three cash prizes of $40.00, $30.00, and $20.00 (meeting minimum qualifying standards determined by the judges). The awarded designs will be property of “” (OG), Winning designs may be re-printed later for sustaining the OG. We will credit the creator of the design and encourage the community in showcasing the products.

To give a guideline on the quality and standards of the submission the following are references for Greeting Cards.

(1) for DIY

(2) for DIY

(3) Guidelines for announcement of results

Due Date/Time: April 30, 2017 – 5pm EST

e-mail submission,

Any question? Contact (JGM)

Leader – JGM

Mothers Day Greeting Card

This is a Mothers Day Greeting Card we have designed, anybody can use as a template to personalize their own. It is a folded card, one showing the INSIDE and the other the OUTSIDE. There is also an envelope comes with it.

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