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The hackers are the winners today. Consider Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and even IBM, they continuously are after the small and smart guys (or companies) to make their money.  In the 21st century the large technology companies size down space wise and payroll wise but co-invest with small guys to earn big money. As a result the CEO’s are fat, and engineers, scientists and workers’ salaries stay where those were, causing the economy disconnect. In the past 3-4 decades solutions are being sought for imaginative events rather than for known events. Starting with the PanAm terrorist attack (in 1989) all wars (continuously) are fought with non-conventional  enemies spread over the globe. The Department of Defense (DoD)’s strategy remains this way.  Interestingly, the government is trying to get clues to intelligence solutions by capturing minds of small children just born yesterday. Think of Human Factor, Cognitive Technologies, Behavioral activities of small children that can enrich our knowledge.

I just cannot stop writing, sorry. I was a 8-9 year kid born and primary educated in a small village where we used to do our school home work using a kerosene hurricane lamp (made for middle class).  Often we used a Patromax light if there is kind of wedding etc. The mechanism of lighting a Petromax light (How it works?) is a little bit complicated. Anytime there is an event with Petromax light I always watched the mechanism.  One time while an expert (my older 22 year old causin) was lighting the Patromax and he could not light it.  There is an orifice which forces the hot kerosene to become vapor and then the bottom (looks like a light bulb) bulb becomes white bright.  The expert was vexed with the Italian Patromax makers (the best were the German products). There is a poker which is used to clean the orifice for the light to glow. I told him that he should open up the orifice device to clean clogged dart “inside” and just not try the poker. He ignored me as a child. He was a little upset that I suggested. When everything failed for him another guy suggested may be he should do what I said.  He did and it worked and I cannot forget his rather angry look at me.  But I tell you, the next day he told others that I must be a genius.

By the I thought a demo “How a fuel Injection system work” (if you are interested). This can explain to you why the poker was not really working.

Just to summarize, some stupid things the experienced guys may miss and the little fellows look from their cognitive angle without knowing science and if they are wrong they assimilate it better.  Any way, we will be learning together about this landscape.

We are opening a maker group to look at the Speech Synthesis (or also they call it Natural Language processing) field. The major products are Siri, Alexa, and OK Google that we want to tinker around and choose one of those software have a feel about how they work.  There are numerous applications for this in media industry. We will select small applications depending on individual interest.

We suggest meeting for 2 hours on Sunday 9:30 for collaboration.  Some we may be can do remotely. We will find out, after we know who intend to attend this maker group.

First workshop: Overall discussion.  I believe in mid-80’s, Bell Lab split to AT&T (commercial telephone) and Lucent Technologies.  Speech Synthesis was advanced by Lucent first for telephone voice.  Microsoft Speech SDK (I have downloaded and we together can make it work or we can decide on another platform. We can also discuss IBM Watson or  Amazon cloud.  This collaboration workshop will be live.

Second workshop: Review Hey Siri, OK Google, Alexa (Amazon), At&T, IBM Watson, Cortana, We will make a final selection what we will really pick up for our use.  We will also decide the sequence of our events. Thye events are trying out Text-to-speech, Speech recognition (to text), Voice translation, Analytics, Coding etc.

Third workshop: Virtual Reality (?)


Review (Hayley Tsukayama – Washington Post) CLICK HERE

Also reference IBM Watson

Lead: SNR

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