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Odishagateway.org (OG) is calling for the second music workshop of 2020. With the coincidence of COVD19 we decided to try out a remote group music possibility with players geographically dispersed in USA. We researched to understand this possibility of the remote group music, with players in different areas within their homes in geographical USA. The purpose of the second workshop is to  achieve two things, in addition to reach out to each other at this difficult time. First thing is to look at the possibility of remote music and the second thing is to hear how bad/good this concept could be.

Abstract of our  research:

Our research on the digital recording and playing music in a multi environment (including multi platform based instruments and singers) concludes that it cannot be even closely mimic a reasonable quality music for average music listeners. There are millions of musicians with different instruments and playing tricks using all kinds of mathematical tools are still trying to make the digital recording will work,  and  with future innovation in areas such as Artificial Intelligence and perhaps Quantum computers is expected to improve the situation but at what cost? We want to share the following references to make our points clear.  We still are interested to learn more and may be utilize reasonable outcomes on the way.

The status of the geographically dispersed music recording:

A lot of research has been conducted (REFERENCE) on the geographically  dispersed group digital music recordings in past few years. And we found that the latency and other human factors still are the stumbling blocks. Further we found that even a near perfect recording “studio” will cost (CLICK HERE) around $200K, beyond our available resources.

Another very recent (June 10, 2020) experience by Dr. Bigyani Das, doing Zoom  is in the following paragraph:

“A person can sing perfectly with his/her Karaoke or other instruments such as harmonium and Tabla. Having one person playing instrument and another person singing has some lag factor. I later on learned that lag factor will stay with zoom since it also depends on various people’s internet connection speed which is not uniform. I also found out that two different types of audio connections can be used. One for singing and another for just conversation. I will do more work on this. “

Therefore we decided to not go that way. But we wanted to understand how bad the dispersed digital recording could be? In this workshop the longest distance between players participating in this experiment is 600 miles (between Chattanooga, TN and DC). We are inviting you to feel and get an experience about it.Agenda of the day:

  • 3 pm – Introduction (Surendra Ray)
  • Atasi Das – Song & Harmonium “Kede Subdara Dishe Kalia Hati), Pratap Das (Tabla), Dr. Nrusingha Mishra (Kubuji) (CLICK YOUTUBE)
  • Leena Mishra – Song- କହନା ଏ ଫୁଲ କହନା , Pratap Das (Tabla)
  • Sudip Patnaik – Song- Purnyara NadeeTire –  CLICK HERE 3
  • Pramod Mahapatra – Flute (???), Pratap Das (Tabla)
  • Kirtan Sahoo – Biswa xxxx –CLICK HERE

Anybody age 5 and up can attend these workshops.

These workshops fall in line with our OG themes, Learn Together and Live Together.

The topic is “Odia Music this time. Remember, our themes are “Learn and Live Together.”

May 16, 2020 – Cancelled

Future Workshops:

CLICK HERE 2Click for future workshops “CLICK HERE 2” is a Radio Station FM 99.5 broadcast station. We will discuss about these for our future Music Workshops.

1. Religious (About Jagannath & other Hindu mythological anecdotes including digital products). The following titles are planned under this the Religious item: ‘Pandavas’ Mahaprastan (Swarga Jatra) (CLICK HERE)

2. Engineering (3-D Printing of products with Odia alphabets and themes)
3. Hand Arts & Crafts including sewing, knitting or you name it.
4. Education (AI, Computer workshops in Odisha and USA)
5. Publishing (Stories & presentations Odia themes)
6. Aging Groups (keeping minds working, examples Card games etc.)
7. Odia Food Recipes (authentic, including Jagannath food recipes in-American kitchens and commercial)

We are inviting your comments and participation. We need “leaders” for all these workshops. Please come forward and pitch in.

Please use the dropdown form to input your thoughts for this call or future programs.

Thank you.

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