Poetry by a middle school Odia kid (Egypt)

Just wanted to share this poem of Devon’s with you all. Jan 30, 2020

My Homework

By Devon Brown, Block F

To be honest, I don’t want to write
Or listen to my teacher, who I know is right
I want to play fortnite, all day and all night
But I still do it, because the thought of my mother gives me a fright

I can never find, a deeper meaning
And often catch me bored and daydreaming
And when I look back on my writing, it is seeming
That my work is not gleaming,
With greatness, that my mother is deeming

I’d rather be outside, playing basketball
Not paying attention, to my schoolwork at all
I’d want to be outside playing
hoping that my homework would start decaying
I’d rather be eating, smelling the fish filleting
In my room, like im doing work, but I am actually faking
Im not a writer and
I’m not a poet in the making

And To be honest, I don’ want to write
I want to argue, and put up a fight
They tell me to do my homework, and I say, “I might”
But I will still do it because I know what is right

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