OSA 50th Anniversary

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I have been requested by several community leaders to share some ideas and thoughts about the upcoming Golden Anniversary in July 2019. I feel very lucky for this chance and definitely I will open up my heart. I have been in last 48 years participating in lead roles (OSA 46 years) in Indian and Odia communities.

This post can be used as a Blog and Odishagateway.org (OG) can host this blog, and later when OSA site is constructed the Anniversary  community management can decide how OG can support their management.

Rules and understanding of the blog:

Please feel free to blog. Except the blogger (now me) nobody will know your name or e-mail etc. Therefore please let me, through blog or e-mail below, if you want to be open or unknown)

Starting point:
  • OSA should immediately establish an Adhoc management team. Later on (in August-18) a management can be cemented. If you want to use an efficient and experienced hand to collaborate with OG reach out to Surya Sahu who knows in and out of OG.
  • Flare up a OSA- Convention50 website (OSA) definitely have template to do that).
Suggested Theme:
  • Highlight Konark as “the” World’s 8th wonder. In any case the theme should be 100% NRI development (do not advertise this).
  • Work with people in Odisha for a great success.
  • Theme for “Vistnu and Bhaktas” (depicting Love of “one wife” and “16, 000 Bhattas”. The dance will be one lead “Radha and 16,000 Kristna” segment with Konark style art, followed by “Gopi segment” depicting a “Kirtan” music and dance by “males” depicting representing CLICK HERE FOR a You tube dance. The Kirtan segment will be males (one scene + females second scene continuous. If possible one part of it could be a video obtained from Odisha etc. This will  be a real Sangam (coordination never done before. We do the lyrics, design and give to them.  One could even reach out to the Srikristna group in Odisha.
Work Plan:

Leaders in –

  • Establish a schedule and revise every month as progressed.
  • A writer (poetry, essay, history etc.) group
  • A music group
  • A Dance group
  • Am artist group
  • Food group
Reach out to India and Odisha government now:
  • The share should be 50% for Odisha & India and 50% all NRIs
  • Immediately reach out to Indian Embassy in DC
  • The idea is to develop a budget showing what you need from them and what we do with our own acting it is a 50-50% engagement
Technology based:
  • 3D- Printing of Konark. If Konark is theme we need to develop a replica through the universities in Odisha such as the IIT (. This digital replica will be there for ever anybody can develop other digital media productions. It is a high technology production. I am unaware of anything like this in Odisha/India with actual quality. If I am wrong please let me know.
  • VR (Virtual Reality) technology for depicting Konark (case can be developed)
  • Opening music (lead by NRI)
  • Depicting both technology, and our core community and religious value
  • Presentations combine both remote (in Odisha) and in-stage
  • Reach out to Odisha media (News paper, Radio, and video)
  • Reach out to high level institutions (Ravenshaw, Utkal University, IIT). Take this enthusiasm  to refocus on a Radio Station for Ravenshaw that once Debdas Chhotray had started but it died.

It all should be magical, “no ifs and buts.” Now we have time.

Please input your thoughts via e-mail to DrSNRay@aol.com Subject line: OSA50 or via this blog. If anybody senses problem please let me know.

OSA 14th Convention, the first one (1983) in a commercial setting

For the details of the celebration please CLICK HERE.

OSA 16th Convention 1985 at Kent, Ohio

For the details of the 16 celebration please CLICK HERE

Proof of Surendra Ray was the President of OSA DC local Chapter in 1986 CLICK HERE

I got so agitated when I discovered the “stupidity of the note (proof) above” that I decided keep my inside flame burning. I sen an e-mail to Uma Mishra, convener CLICK HERE.

had to save my credibility I ot uoutside of my house in the nice cool summer morning. Three things had controls of my mind:

  • Great Bhakta Hanuman burning down Lanka without any consideration of the demons who occupied it
  • What was going in the mind of Sri Ram
  • It is a situation where the Lord, as a human did let it go! And so did I.




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  1. Pratap

    Dear Surendrababu,

    It’s a great idea to promote Konark – the 8th Wonders of the World. I hope a special segment can be planned through dance, drama or music. Let’s work on it. Thanks for your creativity.



  2. ogadmin

    Thanks for the comment. I am developing a theme as you indicated for Music and Dance that I will share on this blog. Kindly suggest who else you want me to add to the distribution.

    How do I bring in our local dance Guru for sharing his valuable input to this idea. I already have thought over my theme suggestion.

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