• Digital worlds that kids see

    Our home front door and the screen door are open to let the early summer (a spike 90+ morning) breeze cool me. In a cloudy morning I thought I am not visible visible to out side early morning xxxx walker. I could see a stroller with mother and a kid in the stroller and the ...

  • Our largest ever OSA opening group song (2015)

    Theme, Lyrics, Composition, and presentation by Non-residents and guests



  • Odishi Dance Highlighted in Washington Post

    Art and music have no physical boundaries. Some times political situations keep forms of art suppressed or neglected but not never eradicated. Specially in a small  state like Odisha, India the Odishi For thousands of years and before the nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnSarah L Kaufman Art ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Indian Mythology in Digital Format


    There are also references in AOL e-mail Ancient Indian…. in AOL e-mail folder.

  • Odisha Gateway calling for 2020 Workshops Music – 2

    Odishagateway.org (OG) is calling for the second music workshop of 2020. With the coincidence of COVD19 we decided to try out a remote group music possibility with players geographically dispersed in USA. We researched to understand this possibility of the remote group music, with players in different areas within their homes in geographical USA. The ...

  • Multimedia productions

    Initiative : Leena Mishra
    Panera Route 7 West
    Vidyavox Model CLICK HERE

    ON WIKI Reference-1



  • The day after (OSA 50th Anniversarry)

    July 8, 2019

    Came back from Atlantic City after the glamorous meet. Here is the summary.

    Day after notes





    Self reflection

    I did not know how much others appreciate

    People need me and they listen very pationately

    My admirers

    Haters (not seen)

    To our children

    Human Factor

    What’s the message for next year?

    To Do
    Creating a short Odia theme music

    A “Theme Music” is also known as “Signature music” . This is meant for Odissa Society of Americas (OSA 50th anniversary) to be held in the Atlantic City Harrah’s (casino) Hotel.  We are calling for a Workshop to create a theme music for this grand event, the largest ever ensemble of  Odias ...

  • Original RCA (His Master’s Voice) record

    CLICK HERE to play the record. This was from our family first generation antique collections in Odisha, India. The author was 3-4 year old (1945 or so) to see and hear this “song” machine (gramophone) in a village where kerosene lighted the village. Both kerosene lamp and the gramophone were the patents by ...