General Operations of Make groups:

We are inviting community members to utilize this opportunity of collaboratively develop “make” projects and apply skills to implement those.  Each group can undertake one or more projects and work with a group leader and we will call that a “maker group,” the term customarily being used in the field of engineering.. Once a project (a make) is completed we will further support them in providing marketing, publishing, or furthering their skills for better and bigger projects. Below is a list of projects either in making or conceived for future.

For each project we follow a consistent process that is the usual norm in the modern day innovative technologies. Even multi-billion dollars worth technology investment companies (including automakers) are engages in this kind of process.  The 7 steps process we follow are: Ideas, Brainstorming, Design, Sparks (a term used by local-motors next door), Projects, Challenges, How-tos.

In this page we list the “make” groups (with a existing lead maker) open for you to join and bring your talents to assist the groups.  Alternatively, as a new leader you can invite, through “Posts” to start a group and invite who else can join your group to complement their ideas for progress.

Contact us if you need further assistance and we will help you out.

  1. Ganesh Animation (Twinkle)
  2. T-Shirt Design (JGM, SNR) – completed and inviting for marketing
  3. Music – Lullaby (SNR)
  4. Greeting Cards (JGM)
  5. Speech Synthesis (SNR)
  6. 3-D Printing (SM)) – completed and inviting for marketing
  7. KIDS Coding (SS)