Are we Odias prepared?

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I left Odisha almost 50 years back (1970). As a person born and raised in a small village and going through the Master’s in Physics degree in one of the 3 higher first educational  institutions was by itself great pride. Cannot forget what Odisha had shared with us and often I wander what could  we do for Odisha. Almost 30 years back I had given a talk at a new emerging Engineering College, Viswas on the subject of then new American Department of Defense arsenal,   Unmanned Ariel System (UAS).

The then new technology, UAS were bought by India from Israel and then the first use of those were in Odisha for tracking the Naxallites the border areas.

Now a days those are used for fun in Odisha including in the wedding precession etc.  It is amazing that during this Chinese current CoranaVirus emergency China uses those to transport medicine and mouth masks to rural areas.  It will be nice for Odisha general masses to be aware, and maintain a cadre of UASs for use in different situations including flood and crop monitoring etc.

The most important thing is to keep our people (in schools and colleges) and public to be aware of technologies.


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