Business in Jajpur Road -1 Draft

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Jajpur Road has been a commercial business center since ever I had known it (1943 or so). My mother was born in a village, Rachhipur about 3-4 Km away from the famous Jajpur Road train station. In 1943 time frame  was (under English Government) Jajpur Road station was the center of the supply (mainly coal and iron grade ores) chain for surrounding area.

The then rural Jajpur Road after 50 years or so has become a Industrial Center with 7-8 Iron processing plants an d therefore a center of great business.

The population of Jajpur Road area ie $$$$$$$, most the working class with a median per day earning of Rs. DDDDDDDD. The middle class population is VVVVVV and upper rich class is BBBBB.


We believe there is a  CCCCCCCCC


Jajpur Road is underserved considering the business is has and  the area it spans. Put a Map



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