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Hello folks:

I am reaching out to you folks, a small group of creators on both sides of the Atlantic/Pacific ocean, with a belief of your intention to actively participate for a mutual gainful socio-economic agenda, I have been engaged for past 50 years.  I think there are huddles on both sides that limit our transparency and that is natural. The bottom line is intelligent creators have the ability to solve it, not just assign blame for inaction.

Let me express my opinion that reemphasizing and gaining a good understanding of the matters (my belief is much of the struggles now are for technology gaps) we can circumvent that blockade.

When you read this note and either (1)just accept it in the dropdown form by filling it fill out, OR (2) send me an  e-mail using (personal).

I have picked up the e-mails as I see in my contact list. If you do not have time (and I understand that too, I had face to face contact just two weeks back) please do one/or both: please entrust your confidants to do it on your behalf. You all have my tele[phone number and make a call.

Again have a Happy New Year.


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