How to dislodge a cake from its frame

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For regular cake makers, in the Google age, there may not be lack of tips, knowledge, and/or trick for cake making. But I had a problem this morning. My kitchen is an Indian style kitchen and perfectly set up for Indian recipes, and my wife and me are all Indians/Asians. By the way, below you can see a reference how-to make cakes.

My wife had made cakes late last night for guests coming today and left for her work 20 miles away from here.  She allowed the cakes to cooldown, so those could get the perfect shape in the intended frames and called me @ 9am this morning to take those out with strict cares not to brake the shape. The cake was a perfect fit in the frame, I tried to use plastic and metal knifes to separate the cake from the container, tried to put the cake inverted and beat the container for dislodging and nothing will work. I went go to Google (Reference how to make English cakes), no help.

As a Physicist, it was both a challenge, and stupidity as well, to not do something. I decided to warm up the whole cake in the container in the Oven (too big for the cake and so too must electricity wastage). I laughed at myself, not thinking of the toaster oven, a small one and the whole cake with the container thing could fit into.

Trick: Warm it up (100 deg. F) for 30 sec. before the heat touches the actual cake, got it?

You may see the picture of our kitchen and the demo of the dislodged cake happily seating there !

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