Here R Us

We have been here, in the North America for half a century, and we just celebrated our accomplishments of Odisha Society of America (OSA)  50th anniversary on the July 4th 2019. Of course life continues, and with our children and grand children are going to be on that ladder too. As for any population, in the universe, the evolution is continuous and innovation is a part of the nature. We want to appreciate us through our DNA passing on down in a glorious way and decreasing proportion down the ladder. Organizing institution, Hindu Temple with Indian Performing Arts Promotions (IPAP)  is a platform that exists today and evolves too. Artists of various arts and forms are communicators of the culture. We need to support the artists, who are the story tellers and they are passing on the messages for generations influencing through the DNAs capture.


The demographic Analysis additionally – CLICK HERE


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