America race line

America is blessed by God. Statistically the nature orchestrates all humans (and all living creatures), still not duplicating any. Anything beyond is orchestrated by “us” utilizing our methods, available or developed. American race or any other struggle has to be mitigated, not by force but by togetherness. Here is our opinion and instances where things could have been better. Suppressing the human abilities for “better us/me” is the worst struggle rather let that to the subhuman species.  This is an instance which could have been avoided had it been taken care by our politicians, bureaucrats, and technical workhorses just 5-6 years back.

Neglected are the following:

My proposal 4 years Back.

My proposal 4 years back (reference above) was in anticipation of an event happening soon. The event in the following reference happened on

Friday 14 Dec 2018 8:57 pm  (London time). The following news article does not specify yet that it was due to a drone, but most likely. It was a collision which damaged the 737-800 airplane nose and the pilot was hospitalized.

News article 12/15/2018 

My legislative work with State of Maryland






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