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Uninvited Opinion

In my opinion an Odishi dance school concept has grown its roots, finally. Of course it needs a lot of water and fertilizer to grow. I am suggesting the following for your consideration:

  • I am offering for use for any purpose the school needs, it is available to you. Coding is not my greatest strength, it is managing. I am lucky to have a lot of creative artists, engineers, site builders (that means they do the art for fun but want a cup of coffee to do it) and willing to help with pride.
  • Whether or not you decide to use it, please reach out to all attended and/or supported he annual event for everybody’s opinion on the quality of performance.  Implementation depends on the next step you are willing to take.
  • The school can create a funding to roll it up.  Depending on the re-planning after yesterday’s event prepare for the next annual event.
  • For next annual function, if you do some innovation, rather than asking for push tickets, people like me,  who cannot throw in large parties any more, can proudly buy guest tickets to show up our pride in culture. We have doctors, engineers etc., people who have rather large number of friends, music and art is a great show up.

Congratulations Pratap and Amulya.

photo curtsey: Dr. Babru Bahan Samal


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