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This workshop is a call for telephone conversation (conference call) and discussions with like minded technical people involved with any or all aspects of AI, spanning science/technology/applications/business personnel either active or passive engagement. The purpose is to organize a group of people to exchange ideas for innovation in the areas of AI. It is a brain storming and open forum, and therefore any formal and classified information should be avoided. After this session we will share more information under a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) going into things like writing a proposal for government and industrial funding channels. I have shared information and needs with you all sporadically, and this blog cements a kind of our role playing commitments for going further. Beyond you all, I also have been working with other technical personnel that we can leverage on depending on our focused area that emerges from our discussion.


A current 2008 Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report summarizes the technical state of the art technology, Artificial Intelligence. There are so many basic level problems that have to be solved before we can get a comfort level acceptance of the AI technology in the real field mission  critical system applications. In this report the word, “Algorithm” was used 24 times. We want to address and emphasize this area, “Algorithm” at a very basic Science and Engineering level.

Need to address
  • Science
  • Engineering Design
  • Applications in DOD, DHS, OTHER (real-time, near real-time, and other wise)
  • Related areas we need to consider are 3D Printing and Human Factor
Our assets
  • Scientists
  • Engineers (including IT and subject matter experts, SMEs)
  • Prototype Applications
  • Systems Developers
  • Others who you think may be interested please reach out and hey can opt in as well
  • AI practitioners, we can learn from about the technology
  • Government, and small and large business alliances
  • Identify and suggest us who others could be

We are sending this post out to people who had shown interest and I have working relationships.  Their backgrounds coincide the subject matter we intend to address here.

We are trying to hold 1 hour discussion sessions Sunday 9:30 (starting Nov 11, 2018)

Once you opt in for a discussion I will arrange the first one soon after waiting for a week. and send the Conference Call details. Kindly use the form here to comment etc. If you want to reach out to me over phone please do so.

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