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Client Capture

As a business owner a client is your boss. We have covered the first step of Starting/Expanding a Business. We also had written “One pager” Business Plan. We scribbled up a One Pager plan to save time, and get engaged with the real next business thing rather than sitting with writing and writing a descent plan and get exhausted. Let’s now think about focusing on  the next 2 things, (1) how to finance the business, and (2) continue expanding the Business Plan.

Depending on your financial status consider the following things:

  • Be ready to pay your personal bills as you were doing for months before to keep sanity of your life.
  • Finance the business for continuing business with or without anticipating payments from clients; from your personal bank; partial payments if company is registered for business; promissory notes; sales of company shares or any combination of these.

Our experience in Client Capture

  • Clients’ promise even before you started the business may be very alluring not be uncommon, but what if?
    1. The client’s business model unexpectedly changed (he was fired, his/her boss was fired, the funding stopped etc.)
    2. You client business disappeared.
    3.  As a matter of fact he/she may have been very serious individual to work with you but his/her obligations could not have any written documentation
  • You Should read the minds of the intended clients. Use of Human Factor best works this situation. Just make sure “you” read the minds of the clients, “what is he/she going to get out of the deal?”
  • Most Important things to consider in sales: Customer is the God. They pay you. But tell them why you believe they should buy it from you. So, study their problem (1) and try go sell a solution (2). They are agreeing to even pay a higher price.

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