Mother’s day Greeting card (Odia)

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Mother’s day is on May 13th 2018. Our digital geeks had designed a Mother’s day greeting card last year (2017), the printed ones were presented to mothers that day. Mothers day cards can be presented to any mother but most importantly if it is personalized and contains a few Odia words it has some added value. Debanshi Chowdhury had designed a similar card for the Valentines’ day this year.  These cards can be tinker around however you can imagine and make those very personal as well.

We are inviting enthusiasts to a workshop April 29th, Sunday at noon who can design their own cards or by our assistance. We will gather at the Montgomery County Recreation Center at 13850 Travilah Road, Rockville (North Potomac), Maryland 20850 (phone 240-773-4805) for free space for the workshop.

  • Bring your own computer
  • Make your own rough design on a piece of paper or using a computer (Card size has to be 7.5″X5″ for now).
  • Get your Odia scripts (use Unicode fonts) or we will do the scripts with you
  • We recommend the cards to be presentable with a mixed Odia and western appealing
  • If everything is hand written or hand drawn pictures, we recommend those to be digitized by you or with an extra charge our artists can do that.
  • A single card will be $2.00 – $2.50 depending on the printing charge by the press.
  • You may consider a small donation to cover Odishagateway (OG) rental charges etc.

We will hand deliver the cards by Wednesday (May 9th, 2018).

Parents: Please encourage your children to express themselves, through art form. In the future we plan to hold many such skill development workshops.

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