Fraud hit my Bank Account

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I thought, like lightning, the cyber fraud could not hit my bank account twice – but it did. In spite of the accounts being in the world’s most secure sights such as the NASA, National Security Agency (NSA), or Department of Defense it happened and it happened in a big way.

Myself and my wife were away from our US hometown the date it happened It was a check with a number well beyond my “largest” check number I was assigned by the company printing the checks, and the amount within available funds in the account that day, and the hand writing so close to mine that I had problem in believing it can happen.  My signature was forged to usual missing “a” in my first name!

My question is how:

(1) My bank did not catch the check “number” on the check was not any check that issued to me by the bank referred check supplier

(2) It was a large check and usually, as I knew, bank verifies randomly about the authenticity of such a check.

I am challenging their activities specially when the cyber security is a big challenge to secure our well being ans survival. Stay tuned.

Another time before, I was visiting California and my card was being used by bad guys in my hometown in Maryland. That time I was told that the bad guys use what is called  a “white card” when they could steal the card pin while the owner makes a transaction in the back money kiosk machine.

The losses are usually quietly compensated by the banks before news men find it out in the fear that the bank customers will close their accounts in frequent thing as such happening. This practice is unlawful now.

Let’s hear from you.

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