Lentil with Moringa (Sujuna) leaves

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Lentil with Moringa (Sujuna) leaves

Dr. S.N.Ray

For thousands of years we have been using Moringa leaves, flowers, and beans (called drum sticks) , “Sujuna Saga” in Sujuna Chhuin” respectively in Odia. In Odisha these plants (about 20-50 ft. high) are abundant. In rural areas almost all have this plant in their yards or gardens. The winter freeze In North America does not make it suitable for outside planting and many of us grow these in pots. The fruits in pots do not grow well.   Moringa survive very well in Florida, southern California, and Hawaii. We can make several delicious recipes using the leaves, flowers and  fruits.  This post describes use of leaves with lentils which is very simple and can be custom made to suit your taste and without fat or strong spice. The recipe provided here has been followed in American kitchens starting around 1973 in our kitchens in North America. This dish is very tasty with a great flavor. We thought you may like it.

Here are 6 health benefits of Moringa oleifera supported by scientific research.

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Recipe of Lentil with Moringa leaves (Ref_25).

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