Scrambled Egg and Bitter Melon (Kalara)

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Scrambled Egg & Bitter Melon (Kalara)

Dr. Subhransu (Mitu) Ray

For thousands of years we have been using Bitter Melon, “Kalara” in Odia, in our food in different forms. In rural areas almost all have this climber in the yard or garden. These plants grow very well in summer season.  Fruits in North America can be picked up in July-October. We can make several recipes using the bitter melon leaves and fruits.  The recipe with scrambled eggs use a white variety of bitter melon which is less bitter than the green variety.  The recipe here (very tasty with a great flavor), we thought you may like it. We freeze the fruits, cook and freeze or simply freeze those.  One can also prepare and save dried leaves or powdered dried leaves.

Here are 7 health benefits of bitter melon supported by scientific research.

  • Helps Normalize Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Fights Bacterial Infections & Viruses.
  • Improves Digestive & Liver Health.
  • Can Help Increase Cancer Protection.
  • Reduces Respiratory Disorders & Symptoms.
  • Helps Treat Skin Inflammation & Wounds.
  • May Help Prevent Obesity & Heart Disease.

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