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Mother’s Day

All of you have seen, used, and entertained your parents and friends with your incredible skills of drawing, and engraving the deep rooted emotion as best as you could have.  Well, even in the digital age, doing a greeting card has ever become harder because there are many more dimensions to making a card than you ever thought. In we have been thinking how to help you a little “feel good” way of being innovative and make everybody happy and giving a personal touch as an added dimension.  Essentially there are infinite way to do it, the best should be your own way. Hi my name is Surendra Nath Ray. In 2017 we, a few Odia families had planned to go on a vacation trip to Machu Picchu (Peru).  And there were mothers. I thought I will give a surprise to the mothers (I think they never thought I have any thing to do with greeting card innovation). Well finally they “may” have (not sure, but that’s ok) believed that I may be a reasonable innovative guy.

I stole the idea from the site, Pinterest where I am a “free” member. I decided to use Microsoft Publisher, which comes with a bundle and so no extra money either. There was a greeting card template and I chose one.  The template has page displayed as 1,2-3,and 4. Page 2-3 are the inside and pages 1 and 4 are respectively “front” and “back.” That’s 50% savings of my effort already.  I decided to buy blank boxed cards from Walmat (a few cents per piece). See a picture CLICK HERE. (NOTE: We are embedding the Microsoft Publisher for the first time and it works on this site. if you have problem please let us know and our geeks will look for some other way).

On this template I put my original art (the world famous romantic flower from our Sunroom) and a BIG “Ma” Mother in Odia).  We will have another Post how to use Odia fonts in Publisher. The card already had pages 1 and 4 which is not difficult to do and you can even save further. And that’s Bingo!

We can train you how to do this from A-Z.

Further References:

Digitizing an Art work for enhancement and publishing:

PicMonkey (you do not need Photoshop) – Free trial download



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