Cyber Illusion

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Not sure how many unwanted, enticing, too-good-to-believe and illusionary artistic spams a regular computer user is intruded with in a day.  But tell you it is a lot to be bothered with.  Between the computer screen and telephone phishing expeditions of bad guys you fall into trap (even one is too much)!  The purpose of publishing on this page for self-learning.  One strike below during reading my AOL e-mail:

Many people tell me against AOL. But Steve Case personally gave me in my Greenbelt, Maryland office my free e-mail I still use when he was campaigning for NASA’s use. Before that I was buying a CompuServe communication account (also first in the industry then). I really do not have any technical point to argue against AOL.  Well it may be the difference between ills of white and light brown sugar!

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