Mandia Khiri (Finger Mallet)

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Mandia (Finger Mallet) Khiri (porridge)

Sukanti Ray

Millet or Ragi is regularly used in the South Indian kitchens. It’s in fact the staple diet in many villages across South India. Commonly it is used Ragi Porridge (kanji) or Ragi balls. In Odia it is known as Mandia and in Hindi it is Mandika.

In old Odisha Mandia was mostly the “Food for Poor” who could not afford rice. Now it is in the breakfast menu of riches. In whole grain or flour form it offers numerous recipes. It is very nutritious. With its nutritional benefits, ragi comes across as a health food one can bank upon. If you are exploring for a healthy breakfast alternative and do not know which cereal or whole grain to look up to, you can think of Ragi as one of the options. Ragi will not only let you experience different taste but also different texture. While whole grains like wheat, oats and brown rice come across as other health food options, Ragi occupies its unique place. Many Ragi recipes (including Dosa and Idly) are available depending on your taste. Mandia Khiri Recipe_V1 (Ref_15)