• Dr. Prasanta Misra Passed away

    Dr. Prasanta Misra Passed away

    We are saddened to announce that Dr. Prasanta Misra passed away January 27, 2021. He was 84 and is survived by his wife Swayamprava, two sons, and a daughter.

    He received  a Master’s degree in Physics from  a premier Ravenshaw College (now an University), Odisha, India before coming to USA. ...

  • Democracy edge being tested live

    It is a new day and new era in testing the limit of presidential power in American History. Never have felt it this way. The whole country is active, calm, and unsure of the end of the election.



  • Professor Biranchi Narayan Puhan Passed Away

    We are very saddened to hear that Prof.  Biranchi Narayan Puhan passed way last night (10/24/2020) most probable cause being CODID 19 & other complexities associated. He was around 78-79. He was a lively, fun loving and easy going person and very close to his family and friends. Loved his grand children and favorite pass ...

  • A 5th grader Bhadrak kid’s COVID 19 innovative idea

    Bhadrak, Odisha 5th grader innovation – Terrace Gardening


  • Our largest ever OSA opening group song (2015)

    Theme, Lyrics, Composition, and presentation by Non-residents and guests



  • Covid 19 Budhi time in America

    Sukanti Prava Ray making Odia Budhi in America. It will be there for the family through out the year. This quality Buidhi is not available anywhere in North America.



  • GenX Ravenshaw University

    FAQ about Generations

    Q1 – What is the definition of GenX?
    A1 – CLICK HERE 

    Q2- Is there any other definition of GenX?
    A2 – Yes, what is on your mind?

    Q3 – What about Ravenshaw University?
    A3 – HERE IS THE Link for Ravenshaw University

    Q4 – What is the history of Ravenshaw University?
    A4 ...

  • Vietnamese Culture in USA
    Some of the social facts:


    Dating is almost unknown in Vietnam, where couples are almost always accompanied by chaperons, and many Vietnamese American parents feel very uncomfortable with the idea of their daughters going out alone with young men. Still, American-style dating has become fairly common among young Vietnamese Americans. Most ...

  • Our condolences for passing away of Dr. Amiya Mohanty
    We are very saddened to hear that Dr. Amiya Mohanty of Kentucky passed away this morning (June 18, 2020). He was Professor emeritus at Eastern Kentucky University and prior to that a professor of IIT Kharagpur, India. Most of the Odias who immigrated to USA in those days were indeed pioneers in ...