• Eggplant as a vegetable




    It is a nightshade class of vegetable.

    What is nightshade vegetable?

    Reference 1 – Webmed


    So why do people avoid them?

    Remember how nightshades contain small amounts of alkaloids? Alkaloids can be dangerous in large doses. In fact, there are many other plants in the nightshade family that are poisonous to humans (like, ahem, tobacco).

    Even ...

  • Growing up together in another country

    Nothing new to America!  We have been here XXXX


    We learned the techniques and

  • Humans and isolation

    Why building a community so critically important?

    From a man’s point of view.

    Almost half of Americans feel alone and isolated, according to a 2018 study by Cigna.  Though it may surprise many, the Cigna study suggests that the use of technology and social media has minimal influence ...

  • Who were the most barbaric colonizers in history?

    I am shocked that one mentioned the British (in Quora) in 1943 Bengal famine in India.


  • Addressing family relations of Odias

    Odisha is a state in the east coast of India and is at the cross division of South and North of the country. People in the state speak an Indian language , Odia and inhabitants are known as Odias. Inter racial marriages are in par with any other cultural ...

  • Can all the truth be expressed?

    Who will believe it?

    The Physics.

    The calamity of Florida Tumbling.

    Seattle incident & Physics, Gas leak.

    What wrong did the UK minister do to resign?


  • What is sex and what is not

    By Bill Clinton

    Donald Trump

    NY Governor Cuomo






  • Digital worlds that kids see

    Our home front door and the screen door are open to let the early summer (a spike 90+ morning) breeze cool me. In a cloudy morning I thought I am not visible visible to out side early morning xxxx walker. I could see a stroller with mother and a kid in the stroller and the ...

  • Indian rupee in 1960 and today’s (2021) value

    In 1060 my college expenses were Rs. 40+20=60

    What that timeXXXXXX

    “The inflation rate in India between 1960 and today has been 7,597.21%, which translates into a total increase of $7,597.21. This means that 100 rupees in 1960 are equivalent to 7,697.21 rupees in 2021. In other words, the purchasing power of $100 in 1960 equals $7,697.21 ...

  • Dr. Prasanta Misra Passed away

    Dr. Prasanta Misra Passed away

    We are saddened to announce that Dr. Prasanta Misra passed away January 27, 2021. He was 84 and is survived by his wife Swayamprava, two sons, and a daughter.

    He received  a Master’s degree in Physics from  a premier Ravenshaw College (now an University), Odisha, India before coming to USA. ...