• Capture Knowledge

Soup, and ideas to chew on,” a wonderful idea. We believe a “Khechedi and Khiri” in replacement of Soup will be nice idea for OG (Odishagateway) to pursue. Almost any of us leading a “make group,” or with another idea for a sustainable skill development, can quickly assemble a group. We can convene parents, teachers, and others and make a point. Please Read on and make your point!  OG has compiled a list of links in different link categories to share with you.  You may contact us with other suggestions and our partners will work with you to open new categories.

Small hand sketches of bathrobes draw millennia crowds back to large hotels such a Marriott International and Hilton Hotels & Reorts. Read on

  • Develop project concept

Have a project idea?”  Develop a concept. That is the first thing to do.  US Small Business Administration has details of processes, procedures, and samples to assist you how to build a business starting with a concept.  Our team has experience to assist you in making a roadmap, irrespective of your age, education, or financial status. After you make a Roadmap we can assist you walking through workshops in conjunction with other supports/education you may be getting from other sources. Beyond this concept “what-to,” our experienced project leaders with real world expertise and experience of “how-to,” will lead you to the next phase of a products/services engineering. It is a collaborative atmosphere for sharing resources.

  • Engineer Design
  • Develop the product or service
  • Plan marketing

we are thinking……..

  • Publications

We have listed a number of resource categories and a number of links under each category, we believe may trigger your thoughts to collaborate with us. But we want to hear from you what more may be meaningful to make our community more relevant.  Click the image below to see a list of those resources.

We have created a page, “Shared Research” which is a kind of shared knowledge base for all of us to use in our Research and Development (R&D) which captures intellectual properties for us. It is accessible to everybody but as we grow it will be “password” protected.