• Original RCA (His Master’s Voice) record

    CLICK HERE to play the record. This was from our family first generation antique collections in Odisha, India. The author was 3-4 year old (1945 or so) to see and hear this “song” machine (gramophone) in a village where kerosene lighted the village. Both kerosene lamp and the gramophone were the patents by ...

  • Sound Clips


    Car Crash wave file


    Let me try a non-wave file below

    09 Track 9

    Try media .wav below


  • Sophia plays Indian bamboo flute (Bansuri in G)


    Natalie has been playing Bansuri since she was 2


    Nathalie Ramírez, a member of Neemrana Music Foundation playing Indian bamboo flute at Neemrana Fort in Rajasthan.

    She is a professional flute player from Mexico and disciple of Pandit Kailash Sharma, has been studying bansuri and Hindustani Vocal in Delhi ...

  • Precise Time allotment for “O say can you sing?”

    The retired Army colonel sings it in 71 seconds.  “The timing  is everything”, Paul Reosti says.  Read on

  • Speech Synthesis Make

    The hackers are the winners today. Consider Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and even IBM, they continuously are after the small and smart guys (or companies) to make their money.  In the 21st century the large technology companies size down space wise and payroll wise but co-invest with small guys to earn big money. As a result ...

  • Music and kids
    Music and kids
    S.N. Ray Jill U Adams, describes her own experience when her infant daughter is administered an immunization shot in the doctor’s office. Her 2-year-old-son, worried, began singing the infant’s favorite song and that worked keeping the infant smiling. It turns out that there’s science to support the actions. A growing body of research shows what many parents know instinctively: Music is an effective way to distract young children from painful medical procedures.
  • A few words to share with our fellow singers, musicians and aspirants

    A few words to share with our fellow singers, musicians and aspirants

    Oh, say can you sing…

    Q: How do you prepare to sing the anthem?

    A: I go over the words constantly in my mind, because the last thing I want is to be an ESPN highlight of a guy who forgot the words to the anthem. ...