History of Ganesh Puja celebration in North America

Most of the first generation of Odias came to North America in late 60’s.  They came here for higher education. Back home every schools and colleges used to worship the Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge) and Ganesh (God of knowledge).  Ganesh is also worshiped by business community as well. It is Performed on the 4th day of New Moon in the month of Indian calendar month, Bhadrav

Festivals of Odisha


(Message: we need to keep the ball rolling!)

(1) Om namoh Ganesha Bighnesha Giriga Nandanam Pravoh….(Debanshi Chowdhury – 2017)

(2) Eka Dantam Shurpa Karnam Gajabantam….(Debanshi ???? – 2017)

(3) Kharbang Sthulatanu Gajendrabandam….(???? – 2017)

(4) ???????????????????….(Debashini Chowdhury – 2017)


Ganesh_puja Puspanjali

(Note: Ganesh puja materials were developed by help from late Arun Das 1992 and 2010)

Complete brochure used on September 11, 2010 by DC chapter

Officiating priest, Pratap Das’  Ganesh Puja steps 2011

A short animation story on birth of Ganesh and how he got an elephant head.