You had asked questions and here are the replies from our community members who gained the experiences first-hand! We love to listen more from you.

Water Heaters

Q: What is needed to maintain a Water Heater?
A: It is very simple and very satisfying (both environmentally and long term cost savings points of view) habit.  Twice a year you may drain a gallon or two of the heater water to keep the anode (the element which attracts the corroding materials from water which otherwise could corrode the tank instead) clean.  See the Diagram below. The “drain valve” is shown as a regular water pipe end at the bottom right of the picture.  You may drain out (only a gallon or two) the required amount of water by opening the valve shown.  You can connect a regular water hose to the end of this valve and the other end of the hose may be emptied to lower level sump pump water connector something like that. Remember the “Gravity Rule,” the water can only flow down (gravity assisted, right?)

AO Smith Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater


Q: What is your opinion on Tankless Hot Water Heater?
A: A 2008 Consume Report study does not favor a tank less hot water heater to a regular gas type one.  The study focused on upfront cost, comfort, and maintenance  in their comparison.  Read On

Gas stove or Electric Range?

When it comes to stove or oven, is it gas or electric? Read On 


Q: Honey in the container bottle freezes in winter, what can one do?
A: Well try this out. Heat a pan of water to 100 degree F (do not hard boil). Loosen the bottle cap and let it sit in the hot water for a while.


Q: Anything about protecting oneself from identity theft?
A: Identity theft? We do not know,: let’s try some buzz words to keep an eye on, I guess . Lets make a list of events and see what we can do.

One way Identity thieves get you (Is that identity theft?):e-mail

Your e-mail address everywhere and easy to get hold of, right?  When you sign on to a Job site, or Safeway site, or even Health Record keeper site they ask for your “ID” you want to use ,or let you use your e-mail address as your ID.  As this kind of “Sign in” numbers grow, for convenience, you opt for e-mail. That’s BINGO for bad guys. Next, they use your e-mail address (stolen earlier) to sign on to the site and request a new password and happily keep on dancing (in the meantime you are getting love letters!) as long as you have not signed on to the site.  And thought you really forgot your password and reset it or get a new password.  Next they do it again! Got it! And you repeat the same thing you did till you get sooooo… old you  give up, otherwise you will end up with a Psychiatrist and he may not understand what’s going on. The doctor bills your Medicare/Medicaid as the case may be!

Keeping home in order

Clutter free home? …. well some help here.

Tips to get the odor out of the shoes: If you have tea bags you are not using put as many tea bags in each of the shoes and leave there for 2-3 days. Or put a Fabric Softner sheet one in each shoe overnight or longer as the case may be. Or prepare a ball of Baking Soda in a clean cheese cloth and leave a ball in each of the shoes for day or so.

Q: How to whiten yellowed pillows?
A: Excellent inexpensive idea that really works well. One of the products, “Borax” is available in Sateway grocery stores and young workers there may not even know the name. Read on

Q: Where can we find instructions on getting a Maryland Driver License?
A: Read the Manual here.


Q: How do you prevent weeds in environmentally safe method?
A: Spread news papers (under, if mulch is also applied) in garden…..Read on

Magestic Palm

Q: I got my fourth majestic palm from home depot yesterday. The 3 before died on me even though i thought i took good care but not sure if I over watered. Does any one have a success formula or schedule to keep them healthy and alive ?? Please help!  -Sameer

A: The majesty palm, or majestic palm known botanically as Ravenea rivularis, is a fast-growing tropical outdoor plant that reaches 10 feet at maturity. Majesty palms tolerate partial shade and will grow in the understory of taller trees where they receive dappled sunlight. Majesty palms like abundant water and require regular doses of fertilizer to maintain their deep green hue.

                  Majesty Palm

It is difficult to maintain them. From our experience with different tropical plants including palm there are couple of things we can suggest. Those include:

  • keeping the bottom of the plant (root ending part) moist and not water if soil top is not dry, and
  • frequent watering

You may try it out.

Suspicious Garage Door opening

Q: I arrived home after running an errand about 7:45 pm this evening following a gold Chevy 4-door pickup. As they passed my home the garage door went up and back down. Not thinking too much about it, I backed into my driveway as the door closed. They turned around at my neighbors driveway as I pulled in.
2-3 males with dark hair. This occurred on Joshua Tree Road. Please keep your eyes out.

A: I had to pay $125, I call it an Idiot Tax (I paid for calling my Home Warranty to fix it). The incident may have happened (rather randomly common) for another neighbor’s wireless key. Disengaging the door may cause further problems “if” the cause is what I said because the door will get engaged again
and door may break. First Solution: “Change the password(s) for the door opener!” You may visit for such tips.

How long a non-sticky frying pan can last?

Q: How long even a Calphalon or Le Creuset frying pan can last?

A: Not long according to Tom Roston, a non-stick pan user questions his own devotion. The cheaper ones do-not last at all (may be a year or lass).